About me

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Valeria and I am from Nicaragua. I am a young activist, devoted tennis player, fitness freak, passionate reader, adventurous traveler, people lover and a total fashionista.

I was born in Costa Rica but I have lived in Nicaragua my entire life. Have you ever heard of it? If you have so… Congratulations! You are actually part of the 10% of earth’s population that actually knows about the country that is in the exact middle of America. Nicaragua is the second poorest country of America, which is why many people don’t know about it. But that is another story; I will talk to you about my beautiful country another day. Keep reading on and you will get to know me better.

My father’s family is from Turkey and my mother’s family is from Germany, but because of war and political instability in those countries their families had to immigrate to America long ago. That being stated, I ADORE being Latin, so thankfully that immigration process happened ;). We as Latinos tend to be very warm and opened. Now let me tell you about some of my interests…

SPORTS. As my Pakistani friend, Jehanzeb, says “Sport is life”! I love playing any kind of sports and I also love anything related to fitness. I am currently ranked #2 in the tennis national team. My love for tennis would have to be one of those sports since not only I enjoy the game in itself but I also love the challenge. Through tennis I have learned to hold my own on my side of the court, to concentrate fully and to analyze the opponent. This compilation of things has helped me to develop a frame of mind extremely calmed and focused. Things, now I easily apply to real life.

SOCIAL WORK. I can’t leave out Operation Smile, which has been one of my most fulfilling experiences and activities. The inner feeling of joy, appreciation and compassion one gets from helping those kids is beyond words. They pay you with a smile, hugs and stars in their eyes. It can’t get any better than that. It is a lesson and experience of what gratitude and humbleness is all about. It makes you realize what is really important in life.

HOBBIES. On my leisure time I enjoy to read. This one I enjoy thoroughly because of the feeling of how the author conveys you inside his thoughts and imagination. I can’t leave out my therapeutic activities, which are just as important, one of them being tanning. I really enjoy tanning. I find it as the perfect way to scape from some stress. Lying on a tanning chair, feeling the rays of the sun on my face, hearing the beats of music in my ears and smelling the peculiar aroma of tanning lotion is priceless. The latter is one of my favorite ways to relax and to take time to put thing into perspective.

I would like to keep sharing with you many other interests and anecdotes, but I don’t want to bore you! I tried to put the better I could in 500 words of some of my interests and passions. I hope you got I slight idea of how I am. I am eager to show you more about myself through this blog. I look forward to meeting new people and please do not hesitate about contacting me. I also LOVE feedback, so if you have any comments please write the down in the section below.

Warm wishes