ALS ice bucket challenge

The ice bucket challenge is out of news. Although the summer’s most viral charity is over, the results are still being calculated. It has been reported that the challenge raised over 115 million dollars for the ALS association, over 15 million videos were uploaded to the social media and over 3 million people donated.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 6.51.14 PM

For those who don’t know…

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is an extremely petrifying disease. It consists on the death of motor neurons, which leads to the loss of voluntary movements. Victims depend entirely on technology and expensive treatments. Previously stated reasons help explain why the ALS ice bucket challenge was created. The challenge consisted on nominating participants to be filmed while pouring a bucket of ice water on their heads because the freezing sensation one gets, is similar to the sensation people with this illness suffer. The nominees had to record their video within 24 hours and/or donate to the ALS foundation. That being stated, the challenge went extremely famous worldwide in only two months.

The ALS ice bucket challenge not only helped to raise funds for people that are affected but to promote awareness and spread the word as well. It went overwhelmingly viral during the summer of 2014, something every charity foundation would dream of. The challenge was done by celebrities, athletes and normal people and it gain worldwide recognition within weeks.

On the other hand, the challenge was also controversial. Many people have argued that the challenge got diverted from its prime focus. A considerable part of the participants were driven by narcissism drifting away from the real focus of the campaign. It has also been discussed that the challenge grabbed a broad part of America’s funds letting other important campaigns without donations. The challenge has also been criticized because of the misuse of water, especially on regions with present droughts.

Another aspect worth pondering about is the use of the donations. Now that the challenge has come to an end, many people and news agencies are speculating how all the funds are going to be invested. Thankfully, the donations are heading to a trustworthy place: The ALS association. The association’s CEO, Barbara Newhouse, declares that the funds are going to be invested in its majority in public and professional education, followed by research, and patient and community services. As you can see in the following chart…

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.47.19 AM

Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. Although many people have argued that the funds have strayed from their original purpose, the company has proved trough their reports that they are a respected and trustworthy charity organization.

Overall, it is totally unarguable that the challenge was brilliant. There has not been any other charity with an idea just as magnificent as the ALS ice bucket challenge. In the same manner as many people remain skeptic about these kinds of promotions, in my case I genuinely support it. I believe that these types of campaigns really promote charities through a clever approach. An approach that is strong enough to captivate the whole world’s attention, to hold it for a while and pierce through people of all ages and of all cultures.


Down below is my ice bucket challenge video 😉

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