Free writing: My panacea

Hello everyone! I apologize because I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t had time even to go grab a snack… haha kidding… but almost like that.

Because of my lack of leisure time, I decided to freewrite about my most valuable possessions.


Some of my most valuable items are the two racquets you can see in the picture above. They are the first tennis racquets I broke and the 3rd pair of racquets I got. They are the babolat Z lite blue model. My father gave them to me for my first tennis tournament on 2011.

I name every racquet I get and these two are called Ace and Deuce. Ace is a winning serve that is not even touched by the opponent and deuce is when the score is 40-40.


Ace and deuce are not only valuable to me but symbolic as well. They represent constant effort, discipline, determination, sacrifices and a whole bunch of defeats. They represent experience, lots of matches, my first tournament and my first won match. With Ace and deuce I learned the meaning of self-control and commitment, with them I overcame feelings of anger, fear, nervousness and deception.

Currently I have them under my bed and I used them as a before-match ritual. I like to count the strings until 7 and sense them with my hands. This ritual helps me to concentrate and to focus on my match strategy.

I plan to keep my racquets until I am able to. They are my panacea.


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