Stop Bullying Nicaragua

Can you rewind time and try to remember a situation when someone made you feel rejected? Not funny right? Now imagine that situation happening to you in a daily basis? Terrible huh? According to Wikipedia, bullying is the use of force, treat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate or aggressively dominate others. In my terms, bullying is making someone feel miserable. There are various types of bullying: from cyber bullying to physical and psychological bullying. There is nothing good about it and we need to make it stop.



Bullying is an ongoing problem in most of the schools. It is commonly done by the same person, on a daily basis. This person usually has a clique of kids, which serve as active spectators that laugh out loud at the victim. Those kids are the ones that can make a difference on bullying, either for positive changes or negative changes. The power is in the bystanders’ hands, as experts say. If you follow the mocking game you will drastically make the bullying worse for the victim but if you take action and speak up, you can make a radical, positive and tangible change in the victim’s life.

Question is… Why do people bully? It is easy to conclude that people bully because they are just innately mean-spirited, but studies show other facts. There are several reasons to take into consideration about why people bully. It is believed that among those reasons are: the feeling of power, the craving of attention, a low self-esteem and a reflection of family life. Bullies targets are students that are physically “Weak” and “unpopular” to others; this equals to “Easy targets”. Kids that they know that are easy to intimidate.

NOW! It is US (the bystanders) who need to take ACTION! What would you do if you witness someone being bullied? Would you rather be a follower or a leader? What would you want people to do if you were the victim? How would you feel waking up every morning knowing that you are going to school a.k.a torture? Answering these questions is the first step on our action plan BEFORE the bullying encounter. The next step is to take action DURING the bullying situation. What can we do? Stand up for the victim, but if you can’t, at least speak up about it and ask for some help.


Lets get a little bit deeper into the bullying awareness… The next step is to take action on the LONGTERM! How? Start a campaign! My sister and I recently started an Anti-Bullying campaign in our school, we named it “STOP BULLYING NICARAGUA”. A group of strong and good-hearted students have joined us, and as a team we are working to raise awareness. We have several activities planned to extinguish bullying in our school. This Friday we are playing music, giving advice pamphlets, pasting flyers, showing videos, making propaganda and a survey. Each Thursday the School’s headmistress is giving us an hour to give special talks to elementary, middle and high school students. We are selling stickers, bracelets, photos, t-shirts and pins and all funds are going to Operation Smile. We created a way to sign “The pact”; it consists on taking a picture with our special compromise flyer and uploaded it to social media pages.

Speak up

The “STOP BULLYING NICARAGUA CLUB MEMBERS” are full of enthusiasm and we are eager to MAKE IT STOP. As our motto says “Vos elegis” (You choose!), it is your choice, not anybody else’s. Is in your hands to make a difference.

Most of all, you need to stand by the victims because they need our sympathy and our support. Together we can stop bullying and change lives for the better!

Here are some simple but meaningful facts:

  1. Everyday 1 out 7 students end up getting bullied!
  2. 71% of students report bullying as an ongoing problem.
  3. 15% of students skip classes because they are being bullied.
  4. 56% of all students have witnessed bullying take place while at school.

Warm wishes,


Visit our Facebook page and like it! Do you want a flyer to sign the pact? Contact us!

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