Time managing!

IMG_8088 Can you imagine how you would feel while being in the middle of school exams, preparing for the SATs, training for the next national tennis tournament, keeping up with your extracurricular activities and struggling to find a way to finish your lengthy to do list while it only seems to grow bigger? Kind of stressful, huh? Well that was I until the last few days. Today I took my last school test, one less thing on my to do list that made my schedule a little bit more flexible! But there still are a bunch of things that I desperately want to cross out from my list. So I decided to look up on the Internet some tips for “time managing” that actually work and I found them.

Before beginning with the tips, you need to know that I am a perfectionist and I admit it with pride. I used to see my perfectionism as a plus on my character, until something happened recently that gave me a new perspective about it. As I already told you before the last few weeks have been very hectic for me. My teachers were starting to get concerned if I was getting enough sleep, dark circles were showing under my eyes, my SAT book was my new friend on recess and my usually good mood was showing a negative side.


This Monday I almost collapsed! It was when my teacher gave me my conduct grade that stress and anxiety took over me! I got a “low” (low under my terms) conduct grade and I was about to freak out. I went to talk to my guide teacher and we got into a discussion that didn’t end very well. Stress took control over my mind and emotions and I exploded crying. My teacher didn’t take it badly because he had noticed my extreme concern and overwork attitude. Talking with him made me realize that I needed to manage my time differently. I couldn’t be doing the same amount of activities and sports I used to do when I had to concentrate on SATs, TOEFLs and college applications. I needed to prioritize and to stop trying to be a perfectionist that gets it all done perfectly. Therefore I looked up on the web for time managing tips that really helped me:

1. Make a schedule! Give more time to the most important things! Making a schedule will help you get an idea about how much you can cover on a day!

2. Make a to do list as well! This would help you number all the things you need to do and to keep them countable!

3. Focus! Engage yourself fully on your activities! This would help you to finish them up faster!

4. No social media! Facebook, instagram and selfies are big distractors that only take off your valuable time!

5. Count time for interruptions! The sooner you realize you WILL have these, the better you can manage your time explicitly!

6. Use the “Do not disturb” sign when necessary!

7. Rest and take a break! Sleep at least 8 hours and you will have enough energy to ace your following day!

I can guarantee you that the tips stated above can help you! Try them out!

Warm wishes,


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